Been working on a fun little project at uni recently, we've been given the task of creating a 2D side scrolling game using Flash, i'm working on the art and animation, my mates are handling code and sfx, it's pretty fucking sweet.

If anyone is interested in checking out the development cycle, we've set up a wordpress blog which you can read here.

Heres a screen capture i did while working on some of the animation frames, i used audio by the talented lhceist41 as a soundtrack because his music is fantastic :D


Holy shit! I'm working in Flash again!


2010-10-28 18:01:51 by bboykrillin

Between starting Uni and watching some fantastic Japanese animation i've been all inspired to knuckle down and get on with learning how to animate again, been working on a better walk cycle after the Hulk one i did looked so stiff, the new one looks much better, not perfect but at least i'm trying to improve.

Finally finished the Spider-Man loop that was in scribble form for so long, it looks pretty cool, i'm rather pleased with it, i learnt a lot from that one. I also tweaked the horizontal landscape pan i did with a vCam, something about it wasn't sitting right with me for the longest time, glad i finally cracked that.

So yeah, really want to try my hand at one of these amazing fight animations i've been watching from some of these Japanese guys, but they are some next level freaks of movement and skill and i can barely produce a half decent walk cycle yet, i need to do some serious grinding and level up beforehand, gotta try bang out a walk cycle a day for the next few weeks, see how i feel after that :D

Dump of my new and improved Flash Test shit

Thats me done, time to break out the Whisky and watch some Japanese cartoons!



2010-09-23 22:45:25 by bboykrillin

So i've just quit my old job and started at university, my plan is to make more time for working on Flash animation and my 2D Fighter Maker game, Roshambo, i'm looking forward to some good times and a lot more productivity with my art ^^


The List

2010-05-29 21:57:06 by bboykrillin

The ever expanding list of art i promise/want to do:

1) (Late) Birthday piece for Anna.
2) GoW piece for Glynn
3) Meishi
4) Art collab with L.Le (Boats probably sailed on this one)
5) Roshambo project (ongoing, concept, design, pixel art/animation, etc, etc)
6) Two more pieces for NG so i can get scouted already (one more now)
7) NG Animation idea (Not quite figured out what i want to do yet)
8) I'm probably expected to do another piece for Ana :P
9) Brackenwood fanart
10) About four or five diary comics for my blog!!

There's more, but it's late, i'll add to this when i remember them.

Oh yeah, and here's my early Newgrounds test shit, constantly updated with junk...

The List

Power Up!

2010-05-20 01:36:51 by bboykrillin

Created a little test animation with the virtual camera, it's quite fun and easy to use, good times!

Uploaded it to the Dumping Grounds portion of my account instead of submitting it to the portal like so many other people seem to do here!

My first Flash submission to Newgrounds, time to celebrate, WHISKY!!

Power Up!

Tomorrows to do list.

2010-04-28 23:08:36 by bboykrillin

Start brainstorming an idea for an animation.
Create an awesome avatar for my profile. DONE
Finish writing Japanese diary. DONE
Draw something!!

That is all.

Two out of four, not bad for me ^^
Also i love the freaky avatar i made, dunno why, the little guy is repulsive, lol.